Grupo Roga

Contracted out plan:

In GoVerses we have learned to adapt to the needs of our clients in order to give them a better service and thus be able to advise them with viable solutions that always cover every detail of Ecommerce. We have worked with several companies and that has taught us that all our customers are different, that's why we have designed different plans that adapt and cover every aspect. One of the companies that supports our work is "Grupo Roga" a Mexican furniture store that has been positioning itself in its field.
The advice that GoVerses has given to Grupo Roga has optimized sectors such as customer service, logistics, packaging and e-commerce, making Grupo Roga a more efficient and competitive company.

Ways Grupo Roga was helped

Customer Care. Thanks to our ECommerce development system we were able to connect servers that helped make customer service much more productive and efficient with much more effective chats and forms.

Logistic. In terms of logistics and "last mile" at GoVerses we are able to advise you and connect you with companies dedicated to the delivery and distribution of the final product. Helping both the company by the ease with which it can distribute its products in a safe manner and the customer by improving the shopping experience.

ECommerce.ECommerce this new way of marketing has been facilitating the way our customers connect with our brand and making their shopping experience much more pleasant and secure. ECommerce is a revolutionary way to buy and sell, that's why at GoVerses, we will take care of advising you and making your brand position itself within your commercial branch.

Services we provide to our customers

Within GoVerses we can support and advise you in the creation of your ecommerce, we can support you in the monitoring of your brand in addition to adapting to the way you want to sell, connecting with efficient and easy to handle servers in addition to training you to manage your ecommerce.

Take the next step in online sales with your ecommer and at GoVerses we will make everything simple.